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UPDATE-SET in SQL (Updating column values for some specific rows)

In SQL, in an already existing table what if you want to change the values in the rows satisfying a particular condition?

SQL's UPDATE-SET commands are used to serve the above purpose.


UPDATE table_name

SET column_name = new_value

WHERE (condition on the rows);


For this tutorial we shall make use of employee_performance:

CREATE TABLE employee_performance(
employee_id int,
department varchar(20),
education_level varchar(20) ,
gender char(1),
no_of_trainings int,
age int,
previous_year_rating numeric(2,1),
length_of_service int,
KPIs_met char(1),
avg_training_score numeric(5,2),
promoted_or_not varchar(3));


Our data looks as follows:

SELECT * FROM employee_performance 

Task: Change no_of_trainings to 10 for analytics department.

UPDATE employee_performance
SET no_of_trainings = 10
WHERE department = 'Analytics'; 

SELECT * FROM employee_performance;

Note: If you skip the WHERE condition then all of the rows in the data will be updated like shown below:

UPDATE employee_performance
SET no_of_trainings = 10

SELECT * FROM employee_performance;


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